Today I wanted to express my thanks to you for the surprisingly pleasant experience that you both have provided in building not only my 1st home in Vero Beach that you completed a few years ago but also with the current one that you are building for me.

Often as customers of goods and services of any nature, we are quick to complain for reasons of bad service, shoddy work, lack of timely work or just plain lack of ethics in dealing with a person or company …yet, rarely do we take the time to acknowledge the antithesis of this. This is my purpose for writing you today. Simply to say thank you for everything you have done for me from beginning to end. Seeming effortless, each promise of yours was always met in quality, craftsmanship, price and timeliness as well as after-completion responsiveness and service. Being a business owner and employer I know how difficult this is to accomplish! Thank you and congratulations to both of you on a job well done and on your 25th year in the business of designing and building custom homes in Florida.

– Jay R Janisse 

Bloomfield Hills, Mi.