Building is a process – one that often leads to frustration and stress.  (We should know; we’ve built four homes and overseen three retail build-outs over the past thirty years.)

Working with St. Clair Builders was a total and complete pleasure.  It was always a “we can do that!” attitude from both Bob and Mike.  Throughout the project, we found a total commitment from St. Clair Builders to building a quality, completely customized home.  Bob has the ability to capture just what the customer is after, offering suggestions and advice on how to make it happen.  Super easy to work with, he never lost his sense of humor, his composure, or his professionalism throughout the process.  From finding just the right roof tiles to guiding the landscapers in placement of trees and shrubs, he took responsibility for every detail.

It’s not likely that we will build another home – but if we were to do so, we would insist on St. Clair Builders!

Bill and Jackie Bannister