Over the years I’ve designed and built a number of custom homes in New York State, both for my family and speculatively for others. When it was time to build a new home in The Moorings in Vero Beach my wife and I sought out an experienced design/build firm that we could work closely with on the project. We met Mike at a new home St. Clair Builders had just completed in River Club, and had the feeling that this might be the right company for us.

Bob is the company’s primary designer. He met us at the property and I could see that he brought just what was needed to the table: a thorough understanding of both design and construction principles.

Bob wasn’t satisfied with a typical floor plan, and was able to create a unique design that satisfied all of our requirements and took advantage of the river views. Knowing of our history with timber frame construction, Bob was inspired to integrate a timber frame front porch gable into the façade. The challenge to that was making sure the home still looked like it belonged in Florida, which it well does.

During and after construction of the house our first impressions of St. Clair Builders were always confirmed true. We found them to be honest, forthright, responsive, and dedicated to quality. For these reasons we highly recommend St. Clair Builders for the design and construction of a new custom home.


Tom and Jean Seaman