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The Planning and Design Process

Each project design by St. Clair Builders is unique. Technical expertise and artistic vision are combined in the design process, resulting in solid designs that are practical and functional, but equally importantly, possess architectural merit. St. Clair principals are well studied in various styles of architecture, ranging from traditional classically-inspired designs to modern international style works. They have worked with many design-build clients during their more than thirty-five years in business. The result is a unique skill set that clients benefit from in many ways.

The first step in the creation of an architecturally distinctive home is an assessment of the building site and a survey of your specific needs. From this information a program description for the project is developed along with a cost estimate. You then have the advantage of knowing with reasonable accuracy how much your new home or other project will cost prior to investing time or money in the design.

Upon approval of the cost estimate, conceptual drawings are prepared. St. Clair designers are especially careful to consider your input, construction budget and the principles of good architectural design when developing conceptual drawings. St. Clair designs exhibit a unique artistic quality, and hold true to the architectural style selected for the project. The drawings are reviewed and are then further refined, until the floor plan and elevations are finalized.

 Preparation of final construction drawings can then begin. St. Clair Builders’ team works together to anticipate and resolve design and structural issues before construction commences. Many years of working with an in-house licensed interior designer have contributed to the evolution of a collective approach to residential design, in which interior design is given consideration from the start. Furniture placement, audio-video systems, window treatments, millwork and lighting are among the many aspects of interior design which may be addressed throughout the design process.


The Construction Process


During construction, informal meetings between the builder and the client take place at the site, to clarify the details of construction. Clients of St. Clair Builders benefit from having a project manager on the job site frequently, providing close supervision of workers and a convenient contact for the owners as well. This careful supervision is necessary to assure that St. Clair Builders’ exceptional standards for craftsmanship and structural integrity are met.

A comprehensive approach to quality assurance has become the cornerstone of operations at St. Clair Builders. This is reflected in every phase of the building project, from the initial design, throughout construction, to customer service after the project has been completed.

St. Clair Builders brings uncommon dedication and diverse technical and creative backgrounds to the residential design and construction profession, making them the ideal choice for the design and construction of your custom home.